Welcome to Educator Protect

To all Educator Protect Clients:

As they say all good things must come to an end. After 10 years in business we have decided to go in a different direction so some changes have been made which will affect your coverage. We will be shutting down Educator Protect effect 8/1/19 so we wanted to make you aware of the changes that are coming as of the end of July, 2019. As of 7/1/19 Educator Protect is no longer offering General Liability coverage on our policies. All active General Liability policies written before 7/1/19 will remain in force until expiration on or before 7/1/20, all policies renewing after 7/1/19 the General Liability coverage will not be renewed or offered. Our Professional Liability & Sexual Misconduct endorsement will also not be renewing after 7/31/19. Any policy renewing on and after 8/1/19 will need to acquire new coverage. All active Professional Liability policies written before 8/1/19 will remain in effect until expiration on or before 7/31/20. We will still be able to make changes to all active policies adding additional insured for the additional cost of $25.00 for Professional Liability and $10.00 for General Liability.

We know that you may have some questions or concerns regarding your coverages and changes, so please feel free to call our toll free line (877) 529-5802 or you can also call Stacy Mirabile at 410-935-9367.

Existing Customers